About Us

1800 Travertine is the manufacturer and importer of customized travertine, marble and limestone slabs. Our products have been cut to size to meet our clients’ specific requirements. With in-house quarries, manufacturing and export facilities, our products are among the best in the US. We offer our clients international standard natural stone pavers and tiles.

The story started in 1996 in Turkey. We opened our US operations in 2006. Today we have 1 million square meter production capacity and three independent production plants. The company-owned quarries are closely located to the Turkish harbors, enabling us to export our products at a short notice.

We use state-of-the-art Italian technology in our production facilities. This has enabled us to meet modern concepts and design sensibilities head on. The superior quality of our products is in high demand internationally. Today we are a world brand with our exports spread across the five continents. Among our bestselling products are travertine in basic colors of

  1. Ivory (Classic)
  2. Noce (Brown)
  3. Yellow (Gold)

Part of our success story is our professional team of skilled and experienced craftsmen. Our craftsmen and administrative staff are trained in the many aspects of travertine, marble and limestone slab production. We work 24/7 to meet our customer’s demands.

Our specialty lies in working with natural stone. We apply stringent quality measures to ensure our products meet industry and international norms. Our quality check measures are instituted at every step – from the raw blocks at quarries to the delivery of finished and polished tiles and pavers at your home.

In the US, operates out of two showrooms in Miami, Fl and Los Angeles, CA. We offer customized solutions to suit our client’s varied demands. Our natural stone products include:

  1. Bathroom Tiles
  2. Floor Tiles
  3. Patio tiles
  4. Patio pavers
  5. Driveway pavers

Need more convincing? Then visit our showrooms to see for yourself our wide variety of travertine, marble and limestone slabs. offers its clients

  1. Superior quality natural stone that has been sourced from company-owned quarries.
  2. Stringent quality check
  3. Timely deliveries
  4. Customized products
  5. Professional and helpful staff
  6. 24/7 production facilities
  7. Modern production facilities to meet new age aesthetics and designs
  8. Ready to us polished and finished products

1800 Travertine is a manufacturer and a direct importer of travertine, marble and limestone slabs and cut to size materials. 1800travertine has been operating in US since 2006. We have 2 locations, which are located in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA. where you can see 1800travertine’s large selection of unique products. The circumstance of being quarrier, manufacturer and exporter at the same time enables us to maintain quality management from the raw block to the final product delivered to its final destination.
Our commitment to the total satisfaction of our customers and the strict compliance with our quality regulations made us become one of the leaders of our sector and we will give our best to keep our well-deserved place among those leaders.


Our factory

Our factory has started production in Turkey in 1996. We have a 1 million square meter production capacity and we have become a world brand company with our product selection and qualities. We work 24 hours non-stop with high technology.

With three independent production plants, closely located to the company owned quarries and the main Turkish export harbors, 1800travertine is able to meet customers’ demands on products in the main colors of travertine such as Ivory (Classic), Noce (Brown) and Yellow (Gold). Employing a well trained staff of craftsmen and administrative personnel and using state of the art Italian technology, 1800travertine copes successfully with the expectations of modern days customers. Priding itself on being called a world brand, 1800travertine exports nearly 90 % of its well selected and accurately manufactured goods to business partners throughout five continents.